POWERECO Battery Poly Solar Power Complete System



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PowerECO 200Watt Poly RV Solar system comes with everything you need to start Producing Free, Clean Power from the Sun! Perfect for RV's, Boats, Cabins and Back-up Power! Solar Powered


12V 100 Ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle GEL Battery
Nominal Voltage 12V
Rated capacity (10 hour rate): 100Ah
dimension(inch):12.99 x 6.73 (W) x 8.43 (H) inch; Total Height: 8.66inch
Approx. Weight: 30.5kg(67.2lbs)±3%

100W Poly Solar Panel
Nominal for 12V battery charger
Peak Power (Pmax):100W
Peak Circuit Voltage(Voc):22V
Max Power Voltage(Vmp):17.48V
Short Circuit Current(Isc):6.21A
Max Power Current(Imp):5.72A
Dimension:40.2*26.4*1.4 Inch
Application Class: Class A

1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Continuous output 1500W
Surge Power 3000W
Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
Protection: Under voltage protection, Overvoltage protection, Overload
Protection, Output short circuit protection
Weight: 7.79lb
Dimension(inch): 12.94+1.34 (D) x 7.52(W) x 3.86(H) inch

MPPT Solar Charge Controller 30A
Rated charge current: 30A
Battery voltage range: 8V~32V
Max.PV open circuit voltage: 100VDC
Max.PV input power: 12V/390W,24V/780W
Compatible with Various Deep Cycle Battery options: Sealed, Gel, Flooded and Lithium-ion. LiFePO4 Multiple Load Control Method.

Package List:
2PCS 100W Poly Solar Panel
1PC 1500W Inverter including cables
2PCS 100Ah Gel Battery
1PC 30A MPPT Charge Controller
1PC 60A Fuse
1PC Battery Switch
1PC Battery Monitor
2 Sets Mounting Z Bracket
1Pair 30ft PV Cable
2 Pair 1Ft 4AWG Battery Cable
1 Pair 8FT 8AWG Tray Cable
1PC Cable Entry Housing
1 Pair y branch solar panel connectors

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