400Wh Generator and 105W Portable Solar Panel (New Arrival)



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400wh Generator

Ideal Backup Power Companion for Business man, traveller, Outdoor enthusiasts,CPAP user
Why Choose EB40 portable power station?

1)Higher Capacity- 400Wh,longer charge time for small appliance(max.300w).

2)More Outputs: charge more devices Synchronously(2×AC Output 2, 2×DC12V,1×Car Socket,1×QC3.0 18W(Max) ,6×5V3.5A(Max),1 ×QC Type C.)

3)Silent&Better heat dissipation- aluminium has much better heat dissipation than plastic material.no fan design has no noise.

4)Built in famous brand SamsungINR18650-29E battery cell,automotive-level battery cell,thus has a high discharge rate, low heat, longer cycle life 800+,smaller size

5)MPPT function-automatic tracking to adapt to the max. charging power of solar panels, effectively improve the charging efficiency of PV solar panels, shorten the charging time of solar panels)

6)Pass Through function-support charge and discharge at the same time,Time-saving.

7)LCD screen- shows the power situation intuitively. Three buttons control the switch-on/off of AC/DC equipment to reduce power consumption.backlight will be turned off automatically when the product remains idle for a period of time.so it will not affect sleeping.

8)50/60Hz±0.5Hz Output Frequency can be set manually.

9) Intelligent DC to car jump start line- featured w/ short circuit protection, anti-reverse connection, anti-reverse charging, low power alarm, over-voltage alarm

10)No turn off if low load.

Support Solar/AC/Car Recharge
AC Wall Outlet: Takes about 7.5Hrs to Fully Recharge it.(Adapter is included)

Solar:Recharge the Power Station Whenever There is Enough Sunlight, Charge Time Depends on the Strength of the Sunlight.(Solar Panel is not Included,DC to MC4 solar cable is included.)

Car: Car(12V) can only Charge the Power Station to 40-50%. Car(24V) can Charge the Power Station Fully.(DC to Car Lighter is included)


PV/AC Adapter(DC6.5*3.0mm): DC14V~40V/125W

Car Charger: 12/24V

Solar Panel:10A(Max)14V~40V/Max.125W Max.10A

105w Solar Panel

Product Specification:
3x35w Solar Panel
(Made of SunPower Solar Cell)
Maximum power 105W 18V
Max power voltage 21.6V
Max power current 6A



400Wh Generator and 105W Portable Solar Panel (New Arrival)
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