500WH Generator and 120W Portable Solar Panel



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500Wh Portable Power Station,Power Indoor & Outdoor

Camper/Van lifer/RV'er/Photographer/Adventurer/Traveller

ACOPOWER BLUETTI AC50 is a compact,slient and clean power station.it features with huge capacity 500Wh and multi-outputs for various power needs, so that you can use it for many power shortage occasions especially when you are stuck in hurricanes, flood, mountain fire, Tornadoes,etc. because its compact design, you can take it around for road travel or adventure.

  • 500Wh/300W(Peak 450W) for small appliance(Max.300W).
  • 2*AC120V US outlet(pure sine-wave), 2*DC12V3A, 1*DC12V9A Car Cigarette lighter, 1* PD 45W Type-C, 4*USB-A
  • MPPT Solar Recharge Mode.3-in-1 AC/Solar/Car Recharge.
  • Charge and Discharge (Pass-through) Function.
  • LED Lighting(Full brigh/Half bright)&SOS Flash Function.

120W Fold Solar Panel

120w solar panel only. foldable solar panel 3x40w. No charge controller.

(Made of SunPower Solar Cell) 

Voltage at nominal power [V] Vmp 18V 

Current at nominal power [A] Imp 5.97A 

Open-circuit voltage [V] Voc 24.6V 

Short-circuit current [A] Isc 6.32A

500WH Generator and 120W Portable Solar Panel
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